Monday, 30 August 2010

What Does Michael Mann Wear?

Michael Mann likes to wear Scottevest

There is serious danger here of triviality, but hey... if Michael Mann likes something, I better have a good look at it! So, when on location where does Mann keep his bits and pieces and keep them warm? The tech sort I mean. Well, I suspect he likes well placed and intelligently designed pockets. Which is why he wears SCOTTEVEST. It's not only Mann who wears Scottevest, but a host of celebrities. Click here to see who.

We don't have Scottevest in the UK, but I will be putting an order in through friends... the microfibre hoodie looks good as does the iPhone hugging fleece. Apparently Mann gives his crew free Scottevest gear as gifts. Personally, I always used to love Patagonia. Nowadays I just can't afford it. I guess I will just have to join Mann's crew to renew my outdoors wardrobe. Feel free to call Michael. Just don't ask me to make your coffee... on second thoughts...