Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dustin Hoffman and Michael Mann

Catching up on the news, it is great to know that the pilot episode of Mann's new TV incarnation "Luck" has already been filmed last spring and HBO have signed it up for more episodes. The Santa Anita racetrack is the heartbeat of the new series and will be transformed into what one can only imagine as a full time film set. Shooting will start September 2010 with the first televising rumoured to be around the end of 2011. It is not clear, to me at least, whether Mann will be directing the first series having already directed the pilot. I really hope he does. What fantastic value for money we get with Mann filming an entire TV episode as opposed to 90 minutes (usually longer for a Mann movie) movie time.

If you are involved in the filming it would be great to hear from you. Otherwise, all news will be posted as I find it. Here is an older article, but provides some background information - click here:

If you want to see some exclusive footage of Michael Mann directing Luck at Santa Anita, here is a great clip of him instructing his crew - click here to access the video below:

Michael Mann directing Luck

For behind the scenes shots of the shooting of "Luck", also check out Mary Forney's blog.