Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tonight's HBO Luck Sneak Peek

Finally, the world gets to see a better glimpse as to how big Michael Mann/Milch's cinematic "Luck" is going to be with a sneak peek preview of the show at 10.00pm on HBO in the US tonight (after Boardwalk Empire finale).

Since I am based in the UK I am missing the whole party! But I received tweets from Tom Payne and the awesome John Otiz, which cheered me up! The buzz is finally getting louder, and I am hearing that Nick Nolte could even pull the heartstrings as the horse lover. Let's face it... the cast of Luck is just breathtaking. All the trailers that HBO are releasing are trying their hardest to reveal them all adequately. I am losing count of how many iterations there are, but the below is one of the recent ones.

Check out the HBO tweets!

I am off to bed... I look forward to hearing what all you lucky Americans think of "Luck". If you are reading this, please leave a comment. I want to hear all about it!