Friday, 30 September 2011

Updated HBO Luck Michael Mann/Milch Teaser Trailer

I am truly excited to share with you the latest release of the Michael Mann / Milch HBO teaser trailer for "Luck". The first trailer was thrilling, and this short edit increases the adrenaline to spine tingling proportions! It raised the level of expectation, displaying more stunning cinematography, more sophisticated dialogue and more sublime acting... the stage is set. Roll on January when it is set to come to our screens!

The trailer is self-explanatory, but we see Hoffman's character Chester Bernstein in prison, and he looks convincing.  And we catch a better glimpse of Crime Story's Dennis Farina playing Gus Economou, which on the face of it looks perfect casting for a world set in the murkiness of corrupt business.

Is that the UK's Tom Payne in the green horse jockey jersey playing the character of Leon Micheaux? Not sure, but he is a bright young star for the future, and I will be posting a feature on him soon.