Sunday, 21 August 2011

Texas Killing Fields: Ami Canaan Mann Directing, with Michael Mann Producing.

This has been building for a while. Ami Canaan Mann, daughter of Michael Mann, has directed what looks to be an excellent movie: Texas Killing Fields. The trailer is packed with dialogue, thick with action and has many of the hallmarks of her father's signature style. It looks to have everything we love about her father's films. I have no doubt whatsoever that Ami will be wanting to put her own personal stamp on this and not be known as simply Michael Mann's daughter. What I noticed in the trailer was this powerfully visualized little girl. It's a clue (to me at least) that she is pivotal in this movie. This is definitely an Ami story, not a Michael Mann one.  It will be great to see her use her father's craft to create a different type of story. The trailer looks very impressive, beautifully shot and offers much. I want to see this movie! We now have two Mann's to cheer. I very much look forward to its release.

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