Monday, 18 April 2011

Michael Mann's HBO Luck Trailer (production preview)

Michael Mann's Luck production preview has arrived - and I can barely contain my excitement. It looks AWESOME. Talk about taking your breath away. This is going to be huge. We have waited a long time for this and here it is...

Tell me what you think?! Would love to hear your views. I think in particular the in-race cameras transporting you inside the horses battling it out is extraordinarily good. People have done it before, but not as dramatically as this. You can see Michael Mann camera angles all over this preview... the oblique viewpoints with telling movements and over the shoulder intimacy. Hoffman looks perfect, and since Miami Vice I have really warmed to John Ortiz – his character looks equally promising in the flash we see of him in this. Stylistically, the visuals hit every single note with power, and I am sure Milch's script is going to deliver the storyline. I just need Dillinger to break into a bank for me so I can buy that 42" HD TV and HD subscription for Sky Atlantic... this is not going to be missed!

Incidentally, I should at this point tell you about a guy who left a comment on an earlier post here, predicting this preview/trailer would appear during the first showing of Game of Thrones. He was spot on. He had his theory over HBO marketing, which he shared with me. I am sure he won't mind me quoting him here for all your interest in future HBO trailer releases:

I forgot how exactly I worked it out, but one night I examined the reveals HBO has for teasers of brand new shows, and it usually corresponded with the premiere of a show's first episode about 3/4s of a year away or more away.
So, the first teaser of Boardwalk Empire was in January of last year, and it aired with the first new episode of Big Love's new season. Boardwalk Empire aired in September. Game of Thrones was first revealed with the first new episode of True Blood. 
Since Game of Thrones is the only close "big deal" HBO show, I would think Luck's first teaser will be paired with it. Then again, it might also be a little later with True Blood, but I imagine they want to get the marketing started soon since it's going to air around September or early next year.