Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dustin Hoffman Sky Atlantic TV advert

A Sky TV salesman came to my door last night. He wanted me to sign up for Sky TV. I said I might be interested for the sole reason that they will be airing Sky Atlantic HD. "Oh why? What do you want to watch?" I replied, "Luck, directed by Michael Mann." Looking nonplussed and tilting his head slightly, he asked, "who is in it?" With raised eyebrows and a smile I told him the best TV news of 2011, "Dustin Hoffman." With immediate recognition he let out an "Oooooooo ... So that's why Dustin Hoffman is on the new Sky Atlantic TV advert?". I nod. "So, you want to sign up for Sky sir?" I pause, and then sigh. "Not today ... I can't afford a HD flat screen TV yet. I still only have my 21" box from the the 20th Century." With that, he turned his heel and left. But he left me wondering... "what more motivation do I need to spend my children's education on a new TV?!"

Here is hoping for a blessed 2011. I really want a flat screen HD TV and a Sky subscription... in time for Luck.

If you haven't seen it already (and who hasn't?), here it is. despite the slightly cliche dialogue, I think it is beautifully spoken by Hoffman, and beautifully shot. I love New York and what a stunning use of camera. Sheesh, they really had to know the suns position and time for that one. Music by Cinematic Orchestra, To Build a Home.

Read more about Sky's deal with HBO here.