Saturday, 29 January 2011

David Milch on Luck

David Milch
Found a brief interview in LA Times with David Milch talking about Luck. Not much given away, but worth a look. There was talk that Milch was brought up around racetracks, but Milch gives the impression that was his cousin! For a moment I was suckered into thinking that was true until someone who obviously knows his life background better than I do set the record straight and assured me he was joking. It wasn't his cousin! Here is the article in full.

Q: It must be exciting for you to build a show around Santa Anita Park. You've spent a lot of time in your life at racetracks ...
A:  No, that was a cousin. I had a cousin who spent a lot of time at racetracks. [Laughs] The setting is exciting, yes, but there's some nervousness in making it too. You want to get it right. You always feel a particular duty of care to whatever world you're trying to portray, but then you especially feel it when there is a lived experience against which you're measuring the activities of the imagination. I think that sense of responsibility is compounded. That's one of the reasons I was so grateful to Michael, to bring that separate eye. That really enriched the end product.