Thursday, 9 April 2009

Second Public Enemies Trailer

With talk in some quarters of the first trailer looking too much like video, a second trailer was posted by Universal Pictures seemingly first on MSN. Why MSN? Not sure. The second trailer is quite different to the first in flavour. If you want to see the entire film story condensed into about a minute, then watch the trailer. It reminds me of the trailer for Heat, which was also quite detailed in dialogue, plot and visual style. This trailer, more than the first, will give you a feel for this movie. My initial impression is that the talk about a video feel in the visuals is rather pointless - I didn't sense that at all. The only shot in the trailer that I felt could have been done better on film is the crowd lighting up a plane with flares, on an airstrip, presumably delivering Dillinger. Film would possibly have made the yellows and oranges much more silk like and "yummy" (cinematographer's term, cough, cough). Unfortunately, on the small YouTube size screen, the colours look washed out having been shot in HD digital. Granted, more detail in the shadows can be rendered with HD Digital, but I would have preferred this scene in film, despite the extra challenges this would have given Dante, the DP (Director of Photography). Anyway, who the heck am I to start picking at the methods of one of the industry's most brilliant and acclaimed cinematographers and directors? I am hoping Dante picks up an Oscar in 2010. Here is the trailer Universal are treating us with: