Tuesday, 7 April 2009

"Damage Control" Mann's next movie?

Frankie Machine featuring Robert DeNiro was dubbed since 2007 as being Michael Mann's next movie project, after Public Enemies, which is being released this July. However, news featured on the MTV movie blog has Jamie Foxx (Ali, Collateral, Miami Vice) saying Mann has not yet shelved the 2006 rumour of a collaboration on Damage Control.

It’s been nearly three years since Jamie Foxx and Michael Mann last collaborated on “Miami Vice” and just as long since the pair announced plans for a fourth team-up. Now Foxx has confirmed with MTV News that their “Damage Control” is still on the way.

The film is planned as a sports drama, focusing on Foxx as a professional publicist/spin doctor who represents troubled players. With steroid abuse a major part of today’s headlines, Foxx believes that there’s no better time to get “Damage Control” to the big screen.

Though he admitted that the film had been gestating for some time, Foxx implied that it was still very much on the radar. He’s taking off acting for a little while to go on tour with his music, but “Damage Control” could theoretically be Mann’s next project after this summer’s upcoming “Public Enemies”.

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Does anyone out there have any production information on Mann's next movie? Whilst I thought Jamie Foxx's performance in Collateral was excellent, I would be somewhat disappointed if he was a lead in Mann's next movie. I would rather see Mann exploit some undiscovered nuance in a relatively unknown actor, similar to what he did for Russell Crowe. There is something very authentic about a movie when the characters are unknown actors, and Mann seems to bring the best out of them. What do you think about Foxx's involvement in Mann's next project?