Saturday, 13 December 2008

Miami Vice

First came the hit TV series, then came the movie. I loved the 80's Miami Vice, and the movie grows on me the more I see it. Dion Beebe holds the cinematography together just, with criticism from some quarters about the hand held effect being overdone and in places too shaky. Nevertheless, there are some superb shots by Dion in this film which far exceeds most photography you will see in other movies, which usually rely on special effects to sustain interest. Here, the cinematography does stand on its own two feet.

The movie trailer is here:

I first became aware of Michael Mann and his style of work in the original series 1 and 2 of Miami Vice, which in my view were the best episodes. Anyone remember that wierd Michael Mann logo displayed at the end? There is so much to write about just Miami Vice the TV series! If you want to know almost everything about the TV series as well as the movie you should pay a visit to:

And if you miss the iconic opening music by Jan Hammer, as ever, YouTube has it all:

Jan Hammer's other great piece of music for the series was Crockett's theme from a very poigniant scene. A personal favourite. Here is the music with an arrangement of Miami Vice clips:

The Miami Vice scene that is mixed with Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight is a cult classic, and if you click here you can see it in full.

And if you want to know what one of my favourite scenes is from the series, then you will find a lot of Miami Vicers will agree this clip from Calderone's Return is one of the highlights:

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