Friday, 4 February 2011

Happy Birthday Michael Mann!

Michael Mann planning a robbery
Happy Birthday Michael Mann!

Born February 5th, 1943 in Chicago Illinois.

Thank you for your gift of cinematic wonder, and we raise a toast to you.

Incidentally, another great artist born in February, and a man of large influence on my life is Ansel Adams. Ansel was in some way a father figure of arts to me, holding my hand through the wonder of creation and introducing me (through his writings) to his extraordinary circle of friends, like Steiglitz and Weston. Whilst I cannot sensibly explain how Ansel Adams and Michael Mann can possibly be linked, as a creative and emotional influence on my life, somehow I believe they are. I know Ansel was a concert pianist, and the only theory I can conceive is that Ansel's painfully beautiful photography had a layer of music within it that still resonates with me today – just as Mann's masterpieces are layered with the power of music. It isn't a tangible link, but emotionally I receive the same resonance. As I contemplate this, the use of craft comes to mind. Both Mann and Ansel Adams were renwoned perfectionists, going to great lengths to fulfill their visualization and hit those notes so precisely so to resonate. It was Ansel that then led me on a panoramic journey, taking in Malevich, Kandinsky and photographers such as Rodchenko, Bresson and many the like.

It is a wonderful coincidence therefore that I share the same birth date as Ansel Adams. Except for the year ... of course!

Have a very blessed day Michael, and may your hopes and desires for these years be fulfilled in ever greater measure both at home and at work.