Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Michael Mann likes fishing

Here is a clue to what Michael Mann perhaps likes to do when not working relentlessly. Fishing. This is an anecdote of someone who took Mann fishing back in the eighties. I know... tabloid, but what the heck. It is interesting to build a profile on a man who spends his life examining the profiles of others.

On a hot day, Michael Mann and Jim Belushi fish with Jim’s son Robert.
Well, Trevor's been a friend of mine for about twenty-five or thirty years, and he's always said, "Buddy, your fishing abilities are great, so let's just put some celebrities on your boat and bring a film crew down." So I did. I brought [Jim] Belushi out the first trip.
Were these folks who were already chartering with you?
Yes, quite a few of them. Belushi first went out with me, jeez, mid-eighties. I had Jim Belushi and [movie producer, writer, and director] Michael Mann out with me, and they caught a lot of fish. It was a really hot day and even on the water it was probably high eighties, low nineties, no wind whatsoever, and my wife has pictures of Jim Belushi and Michael Mann fishing in their underwear. I threatened to put that in the Enquirer. [Laughing.] They said, "If you do, we're going to sue you."
I take out the [production] VP of Warner Brothers, Bruce Berman. Between Bruce Berman and Michael Mann, a lot of people from Hollywood come here in the summer and they broadcast me as: "If you go to the Vineyard, you gotta go fishing with Buddy."
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