Sunday, 12 September 2010

Michael Mann gives an autograph

I feel slightly trivial, again, posting this clip of Michael Mann signing his autograph for some waiting French fans who somehow got a tip he was in the building. It shows "Mr. Mann" in a positive light, briefly giving his time courteously to complete strangers, but is it me, or does he when looking into the camera lens scare you slightly? What do you think? I guess I now realize why nobody messes with his authority on set. He has a piercing, exploring look about him - a man who has made his living obsessed with observation. For this reason, I thought I would post the clip. Everyone has a hero. Michael Mann is one of mine. Yet having seen this, I think if I ever had the unlikely privilege of meeting him then intelligent words would potentially fail me. Missing my opportunity, he would then quickly take off in his Lucky Mercedes, leaving me with that empty feeling experienced when you fall short of your own expectations - however vague and unestablished those expectations are when just a huge fan.