Monday, 29 June 2009

Radiator Heaven feeds us a week of Mann

Radiator Heaven kicks off a season of Mann mania following the US launch of Mann's latest offering, Public Enemies. Why not take a trip over there and get a wealth of information from other bloggers wanting to give their thoughts about the great man and his work.

I have been away from the computer for a while, so am just picking up on the latest Mann action. I am presently holidaying in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, a beautiful and currently hot and sunny place, but one without any July 1st screening of Public Enemies for the launch of the movie in the UK. As an all out Mann admirer, it is of course rather galling to blog my opinion way behind everyone elses! Nevetheless, I will certainly be doing that when I eventually return to greater civilization at the end of my Hebridean holiday July 7th! I had hoped to be at the Premier just to see Mann waltz up the red carpet in London. Alas, the Outer Hebrides is just as close to Iceland as it is to London, so a casual trip to London is not going to happen. Mann is rather an elusive character, and Premier's are one of those few opportunities to see him in the flesh. I would just love to have the satisfaction of being in proximity to the understated genius that has so enriched my life through his art. That isn't geeky is it? I recently read Empire magazines interview with him. Anyone else jealous that the reporter got to see a private viewing at Mann's very own screening room in LA? The interview was average, but what was irritating was that the reporter never told us the answer to Mann's question to him following the screening, which was, "So, what do you think?" What, a reporter without an opinion? I take it he didn't like it. There has been so much bad press about Public Enemies, praising the cinematography (see my earlier post where I said months ago that this could win an Oscar for cinematography having see the stills, and behind the scenes shots) yet pulling apart the script and pace. The same happened with The Insider. It got panned, but it is, in my view, one of the best films ever made. So, I reserve judgement. Mann films are like a good wine - not to be downed in one, but savoured and understood.

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